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  • Wow, I’m not really comfortable with the Guest Rental Agreement. Can I make a reservation without it?

    Absolutely not! The Guest Rental Agreement is a legally binding document that was designed for insurance purposes. Yes it’s heavy-duty, after all, attorneys get paid big bucks to write this kind of stuff. The Agreement is very similar in concept to a car rental agreement. Again, it’s an insurance requirement that was designed to cover potential losses against our Clients (property owners) and their self-catered vacation rental properties. Just like at the car rental agency, no endorsement by our Guest equals no keys dispensed!

  • I need to cancel, but I only made the reservation yesterday, so I won’t be charged for anything… right?

    Sorry, NO. Unlike most hotels, motels, and inns, it doesn’t matter when the reservation was placed, the same guidelines apply. If you make a last-minute reservation in the morning and then cancel out in the afternoon, you run the risk of losing the entire rental amount, unless the vacation property can be re-rented.

  • But… but… but they let me cancel with 24-hour notice at the last hotel that I stayed at!

    Yes, that is indeed standard policy with most hotels/motels. Remember, Mt. Baker Lodging is an agency, NOT a hotel. We do not own the vacation properties that we represent AND we have strict contractual obligations with the people who do.

  • I reserved two vacation properties and now I need to cancel them both… so that was actually only one reservation and I’ll only be charged for one cancellation… right?

    WRONG. Since all Mt. Baker Lodging vacation properties are individually owned, every booking is considered to be a separate reservation, regardless of the quantity of vacation properties reserved. Therefore, eight vacation properties cancelled equal eight reservations cancelled, and the usual per-property Cancellation Policy applies.

  • I reserved two vacation properties and now I need to cancel one of them… can you apply the money from the cancelled property to the one that I intend to keep?

    Yes we can, provided that the cancellation occurs a minimum of 21-days prior to our Guest’s scheduled date of arrival, less a $65.00 Cancellation Fee. Less than 21-days can’t be cancelled without forfeiting either the Advanced Lodging Reservation Payment (equal to the cost of 1-night’s stay, including tax) or the entire rental amount (depending upon the time frame) unless the cancelled vacation property can be re-booked. Again, every vacation property booked is considered a separate reservation, and the usual Cancellation Policy applies.

  • Can I just pay when I get there?

    Sure you can, but remember, (under 14-days) you don’t have a confirmed reservation until it’s been paid-in-full. So, if you come all the way up here and we’re sold out by the time you arrive, or you’re running late and arrive after regular office hours, you probably won’t have a place to stay!

  • I would really prefer to pay cash. Can I do this?

    For the safety of staff, we do not accept cash. A credit/debit card is required for a reservation.

  • The size of our party has changed… can we downgrade to a smaller (less expensive) vacation property to save some money?

    Yes you can, as long as the change is received a minimum of 21-days prior to your scheduled date or arrival, and is then subject to current availability of unreserved properties. Please be advised, however, that such changes are subject to a $25.00 non-refundable Re-scheduling Charge.14-days or less = NO changes.

  • I need to change the dates of my reservation… can you do this for me?

    Yes we can, subject to current availability for your desired dates, plus a $25.00 non-refundable rescheduling fee. Please note that if the change results in a reservation of lesser value, Guests are NOT entitled to a partial refund of the difference in cost. In addition, if the change results in a reservation of a higher dollar value, Guests are required to pay the difference in cost.

  • I will be checking-in late in the evening (after regular office hours)… how do I pick-up the keys/passes?

    By advance prior arrangement only, Mt Baker Lodging will arrange for late key/pass pick-up at our office, PROVIDED that (a) the reservation has been paid-in-full, and (b) the Guest Rental Agreement has been received in advance of Guest arrival. Remember: No Payment and/or Rental Agreement = No Keys. Guests must contact our office during regular business hours on their scheduled arrival date for information regarding late check-in. Guests who fail to do so will likely end up without a place to stay, and no refunds will be provided.

  • I can’t complete my stay; can I get a refund for the unused portion?

    Not unless the vacation property can be re-booked for the entire duration with a 2-night minimum, in which case the $65.00 Cancellation Charge applies. Remember, whether you’re canceling one night or you’re canceling the entire reservation, you’re still canceling. A cancellation is a cancellation.

  • Only three members of my party were able to show up, but the vacation property that we reserved sleeps ten persons… can I get a pro-rated refund?

    You’re kidding, right? Although designated maximum occupancy limits are strictly enforced, nightly rates are based by-the-property, not by the number of occupants. If the vacation property sleeps up to 12-persons, but only 1-person shows-up, the rate is still the same. Kind of like buying two hamburgers at the restaurant, and trying to return one for credit because you couldn’t eat it! Good luck with that one!

  • Gee, I really didn’t like the color of the carpeting, the furnishings were not to my liking, and there was no Cuisinart®… can I get some money back?

    No. However, Guest Comment Forms are provided for your feedback. This is your conduit to our Clients (the property owners who provide the furnishings and accompaniments). We strongly encourage you to fill them out (properly) and turn them in. Believe us when we say that… “if it’s really worth the time to say it… it’s worth taking the time to write it!” Good and bad, all WRITTEN Guest comments are forwarded directly to our Clients. We mean no disrespect, but with approximately 95+ vacation properties being handled through a very busy office, your verbal comments will most likely be forgotten before you get 5 miles down the road!

  • We found a spider in the sink. Now we can’t stay, so can we get some money back?

    (we l-o-v-e this one!) The short answer is no. Here’s the deal; you’re staying in a “Cabin-In-The-Woods”. Spiders, mosquitoes & other insects, and small critters are an integral part of the national forest. There were here long before we were, and they’ll most likely be here long after we’re gone. If you have a real problem with “critters”, staying in a vacation property that is located at the entrance to the national forest is probably not going to be your best choice. The critters have agreed, for the most part, to put up with us… now we have to put up with them! Plan ahead; bring some spray and/or repellent with you.

  • The power went out during our stay, so can we get some money back?

    Again, you’re staying in a “Cabin-In-The-Woods”! Our rural environment subjects us to a more rough-and-ready lifestyle than a lot of city folks are accustomed to. It’s part of our scene; you trade off some of the smog, chaos, and congestion for a slice of some of the most beautiful land on earth. Along with that trade-off comes a few minor irritants; occasional power outages, road construction delays, freak weather patterns, and the like. Just like the rest of us, you need to prepare accordingly. Bringing along a flashlight with a few extra batteries, for example, is prudent advice. In so far as refunds are concerned, the answer is no. We are not in a position to provide any sort of refunds for circumstances that are completely out of our control. When we learn how to control Mother Nature, we’ll probably be in a better position to provide refunds for these sorts of occurrences. Until then, you may wish to consider purchasing travel insurance!

  • I stayed in one of your vacation properties last weekend, and left my prized widget behind. Can you retrieve it and send it back to me?

    First: Mt. Baker Lodging and its Clients assume no responsibility for items left behind by our Guests. If housekeeping can readily locate the item, we will gladly send it back to our Guest. There is a $25.00 Service Charge, plus shipping, for all items returned. Alternately, we can hold it (without assuming responsibility) at our office for up to 30-days and you can come-and-get-it. Please be advised that after 30-days, it goes in the trash or is donated to one of the local charities.

  • I want to have it shipped back to me, but why does it cost so much?

    As you may have noticed, we’re tucked away up here in the sticks. It’s a 60-mile round-trip into Bellingham, where packaging materials are readily available and where shipping takes place. Now, if we have to pay someone to drive your widget into town, purchase the necessary packaging materials, package up the item, transport it to the shipping location, pay for shipping, then drive back to our location…. it costs Mt. Baker Lodging time and money. Here’s the bottom line. “We’re really sorry that you forgot to take your widget with you when you left, and we’ll be more than happy to send it back to you, but we’re not willing to pay for your mistake”.

  • Why was I charged for additional cleaning?

    This one’s easy! You did not leave the home in the same general good habitable condition as it was when you arrived or you didn’t follow the Check-Out Procedures that were (a) sent to you with your Confirmation Documents, (b) provided to you again at your time of check-in, (c) posted in every vacation property, and (d) posted in the Guest Services binder located in every vacation property. Follow the simple procedures and you won’t be charged – guaranteed!

  • Why was I charged for breaking the @#$%^&!

    Another easy answer! Because you or a member of your party broke the @#$%^&! Guests are directly responsible for the vacation property and its contents throughout the duration of their stay. Please review the terms and conditions of the Guest Rental Agreement that must be endorsed as a condition to your stay.

  • But it was like that when we got there!

    Famous last words! Look, we’re not trying to call you a fibber, but (normal wear and tear excluded) it is extremely unlikely that this is the case, as all vacation properties are inspected both immediately prior to Guest arrival, and immediately subsequent to Guest departure. In any event, it is the Guest’s responsibility to report any and all deficiencies UPON ARRIVAL – NOT DEPARTURE and/or after being charged! Again, please review the terms and conditions of the Guest Rental Agreement.

Check-In & Check-Out

  • When's Check-In?

    Check-in Time is 4:00pm (or after) at our office in Maple Falls, not in the developments themselves. Keys and gates passes (if applicable) are dispensed from this location only, and are NOT dispensed early. Therefore, please don’t show up early, as it may lead to a long wait. Remember, “just stopping by to pick up keys” is called checking-in!

  • What Do I Need For Check-In?

    Guests: Please be prepared to show two forms of identification at check-in. This can include (a) a valid state or provincial driver’s license, (b) a valid state or provincial identification card, (c) a valid passport, (d) a valid military ID, AND a valid credit card (with picture ID preferred).

  • When's Check-Out?

    Check-out is 11:00 am (sharp). In consideration of future Guests and housekeeping, please prepare accordingly. All keys/gate passes must either be returned to the Mt. Baker Lodging office in Maple Falls, (not the development manager’s office) by 12:00 noon, or at our Courtesy Drop Box at Graham’s Store (not Graham’s Restaurant) in Glacier by 11:30am. Keys and/or gate passes not returned in accordance with the above will result in an automatic charge equal to the cost of one (1) additional nights stay, including tax, and the Guests will be subject to immediate eviction.

  • What are the Check-Out Procedures?

    A complete set of Check-Out Procedures is included with the Confirmation Documents. They are very basic, but please review them carefully! Every once in a while we receive a complaint from a Guest that… “boy, we didn’t think that we were going to have to do all of the housekeeping” The short story is – you don’t! We only ask that you perform the basics; start (not finish) a wash load of soiled laundry, clean your dirty dishes, close and lock the windows, turn down the thermostats, and turn off the lights… all very basic stuff! Now, when you’re asked to get down on your hands and knees to scrub the bathrooms, kitchens, etc… that’s called housekeeping! That’s what the real housekeepers do and is what is covered under the Cleaning Fee. However, if you decide not to do the check out procedures or not to leave the property in same general and good habitable condition (as when you arrived) there will be additional cleaning charges of $50.00 per hour with a one (1) hour service minimum.

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